/ au  has been setup by an unknown entity off shore implying that they are an Aussie player with an Australian phone number and PO box in the ACT.

  • This entity has no ABN and is ineligible for a ‘’ website.
  • Your private health fund will NOT pay out any benefit on machines bought through this website.
  • ResMed machines shipped through this website are made in Singapore NOT Australia.
  • All machines shipped through this website are different models to those sold in Australia.
  • None of these models sold through this website have TGA approval here in Australia.
  • There are no Australian manufacturers warranties on these devices.
  • The communications and remote monitoring services also don’t work.

Sleep apnoea is serious & support is vital for maintaining quality of life.

Shop around in Australia to find a genuine cpap supplier that is accredited with the manufacturers. Look for one that will give you a great price and offer ongoing support. 

You will probably find that it is cheaper for you to buy locally and get your health fund rebate, than it is to buy an illegal offshore import with no warranty or support whilst forfeiting your right to make a claim with your health fund.